We are creating an immersive experience loaded with resources to assist you on your journey of living a healthier, happier you. It’s time to slay this Single Again Life!

Divorced and thriving!

Tired of feeling lost, insecure, and unhappy? Whether you are now a stay at home parent or still slaying it as a corporate guru, we all have one commonality; We are human. We all experience challenges in our daily lives that sometimes can feel overwhelming.

It helps to have a support group of like minded women who can understand your pain and provide you with examples that prove that there is HOPE after a divorce!

I’ve designed ‘Single Again 2.0’ online Facebook community as a tool to help support my coaching clients with the extra support needed and the resources to create the life you desire.

Are you ready to own the title Divorced and Thriving, join below.

Daily Affirmations

Affirmations eBookWith the help of positive affirmations, anyone can improve their mindset and start manifesting their desires and living a life they’ve always dreamed of. If you’re like many people, you may be unsure how to get started with incorporating daily positive affirmations into your life.

This comprehensive handbook provides you with 365 powerful manifestations to help you manifest your desires and live your dreams.

You will learn:

-What positive affirmations are and how they work to manifest your desires.

-Why you should use affirmations every day to attract what you most desire into your life

-How to make affirmations work for you and what you need to do to ensure they are effective.

Manifest Me

Host Sofeya Graham podcast Manifest Me

Listen along weekly to manifest the life you’ve always desired!

What you will hear:

-Powerful affirmations for attracting better health.

-Guest speakers on various topics of manifestations

-Learn how positive affirmations affect your subconscious mind.

-Get a model on creating your own self-focused mantra as well as a glimpse on the exact words I use to live my life of complete Happiness and Freedom